Tenisz Terasz

Our philosophy

As we all know: regular exercise is very important as long as our health are concerned: both mentally as phisically. But tenis is more than that: is a great game, which teach you unseen self-discipline, endurance, which honors are useful later, during our work or every days, too. Our aim is to introduce tenis widely and endear with the people. We welcome everyone in between 5-90 years, from the beginners to the professionals.
You can take lessons individually or with small groups, too, young folks as seniors.
We grant free balls and a free tenis-racket for our clients.




Our sport complex is more than 30 years old. It can be found in the beatiful Buda-hills, surrounded by forest, but still close to the city center, and easily reached through public transportation. Our facilities are excellent, you can change or take shower after the training. Besides our 2 open, lit clay court we have a ’single’ court for training purposes, but it is ideal for games, too. Our courts are available only during the ’open’ seasons, we are not operating during winter season.
Parking is free right by the courts.




János Kalmár
- decades long experiences in training
- bachelor in PE
- from ’75 taking part in competitor-training with MTK and Vasas
- Our trainer since 1993
Csaba Balog  
- competitor background
- more then 20 years long experience in training in tenis
- bachelor in PE
- Our trainer from 1996, present Chief operator


"Számomra a tenisz
30%  tehetség,
70% szorgalom és alázat."

id. Gulyás István



Course booking: +36 30 982 77 23   palya@teniszterasz.hu